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L.A Parent a Cat and a Mouse Explore the Issues of Homelessness

A Cat and a Mouse Story Explores Homelessness

Published March 25, 2019 

By Cassandra Lane  

L.a. County is huge, but its burgeoning homeless population is impossible to hide.  While tents and boxes dotting the 110 Freeway, people sleeping on bus stops, benches at parks, beaches, are clearly visible, what is often not as apparent is how many of our homeless neighbors are children. 

As community leaders continue to address the homelessness crisis in the region, author Donna Sager Cowan has written a  children's novel, "With the Courage of a Mouse." that she hopes will give give children an understanding of homelessness. Help eradicate stereotypes and encourage kids to see the humanity inherent in everyone. 

With main characters Catt the cat (who is homeless) and Simon Cheddar, a clever enterprising vest-clad mouse that Catt sees falling from the sky and saves him from certain death. 

Cowan takes readers on a physical journey through Sweet Meadows and an emotional journal  and an emotional journey that explores trust,  self-worth, friendship, and courage. 

The book is the first in Cowan's "The Superhero School Series." 

She will appear as one of the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society's featured children's authors during the L.A. Times Festival of Books April 13 and 14 at USC.