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"A Cat-and-Mouse Story Explores Issues of Homelessness" By Cassandra Lane

Magic Beans Bookstore Review


 Leat Regwan  - “With  the Courage of a Mouse” (The Superhero School series)  written by Donna  Sager Cowan and charmingly illustrated  by Diane J. Reid, this book is sure to entertain and reaches a wide  audience! The author does a great job of bringing the characters to life  in her descriptive nature and inserts important life lessons about  loyalty, friendship, bravery and courage.  Catt  is a character that has been abandoned and looks for acceptance while  Simon a tiny mouse is courageous and resourceful, (despite his fears) he  tries to help his unlikely friend reclaim her innocence when she is  falsely accused of a crime. This book teaches  the lesson not to judge based on our appearances and definitely not to  underestimate our strengths; always face our fears and search in our  “pockets” for our courage and braveness.  This book is funny, witty and a  joy to read! Five Stars! 

-MagicBeans Bookstore