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Iman Mahmoud's review Apr 03, 2019

Five Stars (It was amazing)

"Bravery is facing the things that scare you. But courage is putting others first. "
This is an amazing book that gives several messages that children should learn at a very young age. Some of them are subtle but wonderfully integrated in the story's plot. The book shows how unlikely friendships (between Simon and Catt, a mouse and a cat) can be the greatest gift in one's life. I love the fact that the book celebrates the differences between several characters and shows that it's okay (even wonderful!) to be different. Unity and courage during difficult times are also one of the greatest virtues that children can learn early in their lives. I enjoyed every page in the book along with the simple yet inviting illustrations. I'm looking forward to reading other books in this series. 



 "With the Courage of a Mouse" is an adventurous tale, that has relatable voices for children to connect themes of courage, and friendship to their own life. Facing the consequences of your actions is also an important lesson.  It is a descriptive story with VERY funny dialogue, and a great use of vocabulary throughout.  The unlikely friendship between "Catt" and Mouse, and a cast of other animal characters going to Super Hero School is sure to keep the reader on their toes! Each chapter has 1 simple illustration that adds to this imaginative plot. This chapter book is cleverly written and is appropriate for readers 4th grade and on.  The book has 35 chapters, so it may take while to read depending on one's reading level but you will be entertained by the main character, Simon Cheddar, his world, and the adorable visuals incorporated into the book. I give it 5 stars!  

Sincerely, Laura Knight 

#RWYK Great Read #Review – With the Courage of a Mouse by Donna Sager Cowan & Illustrated by Diane J. Reid 

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