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 Superhero School series follows Catt, the cat as she stumbles into Sweet Meadows.  She’s had a tough life so far, and when she discovers she can talk, Catt is sure she’s dreaming.  That is until she meets Simon Cheddar.  

 Simon is a mouse with a plan, but they don‘t include a crazy cat!

Join Catt and Simon as they learn how to be friends and Superheroes!  

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Book one Trailer

Meet the Characters



 Catt’s first encounter is with a mouse wearing a vest and coat. After being dumped and chased through a hidden portal, Catt finds herself in Sweet Meadows, a world where she  can talk!

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  Simon Cheddar is a mouse with a plan. He’s  a collector and likes to recycle, but he feels safer with his pockets full. 

Simon wants to be a Superhero, and enrolls at the Superhero School in Sweet Meadows.

Today is the first class and he doesn’t want to miss a thing.

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Book One Trailer